Citrine crystal stimulates mental power and helps to focus, great for people intested in education. Citrine activates both, mind and body. Citrine brings happiness, joy, and positivity in life by eliminating the negative energies and vibes. Citrine is one crystal that does not accumulate or hold negative energy, in fact it transforms negativity into positive energy.
Citrine is an excellent crystal for interpersonal relationships; it smooths family or group problems, and promotes solutions and cohesiveness. Citrine also helps in understanding and dealing with absorbed impressions from those around us. 
Carrying a Citrine attracts love and happiness, and guards against those who would break your heart and it is also an effective shield against spite and jealousy.
Prosperity, money magic. When not wearing, place in the wealth corner of your home or business, or in the cash box.
Balances yin/yang energy, aligns chakras. Helps balance digestion.

Citrine Bracelet


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