It all started in 1986...

with Perry Brown, who founded Fleur Alchemy in the mid 1980's with a passion for educating people about health and wellness. He deeply researched Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Energy, Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Traditional Western Medicine.

Perry experimented with aromatherapy formulas until he came up with concoctions that worked so effectively you would almost swear it was magic.

Perry imparted this knowledge onto his only child, Amethyst Zharr-Brown.

Amethyst learned a great deal from Perry and continued her studies into natural healing, wellness, nutrition, sacred body language, massage, and the connection with astrology and how the changing cycles affect people.

Amethyst studied at The Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in 2013. At this school, she expanded her knowledge in botany, local native and weedy medicinal plants, constitutional humors, the science of plant constituents and specific indications for their uses, doctrine of signatures, case studies, and so very much more. 

Here at Fleur Alchemy we specialize in creating health, wellness and beauty products made with the finest organic & non-GMO ingredients which have been tested time and again to be effective.

We value our commitment to the protection and sustainability of the planet and the natural products it has to share with you.

At Fleur Alchemy we create healing herbal extracts, aromatherapy blends, flower and gem essences, lotions, creams, salves, lip balm, personal mosquito spray, PrepAlign for painful muscles and joints, authentic crystal jewelry and more to assist you in your healing journey.


Helping people become well, one product at a time.

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